Emergency intercommunity clinic

Emergency intercommunity clinic for the population in Moss, Våler, Rygge, Råde and Vestby.
For all inquiries, please call 116117. If you are outside of Norway, please call + 47 69 25 33 33.
When life- threatening illness/ injury, please call 113!
The emergency clinic is open from 16 PM to 08 AM on weekdays and all day and night on weekends and holidays.

The phone at the emergency clinic will be answered at all hours. We encourage everyone to call in advance so that we can provide the best possible assistance.
When you visit the emergency clinic, we will ask you for your id, medication, regular doctor and other relevant information.
If you want to give us feedback, please send us a letter, postcard or email to
Or call the department manager Charlotte Dahlby Yrvum at 69 91 28 28/ 467 44 422.

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Mosseregionens legevakt
Peer Gynts vei 84
1535 Moss
Telefon : 116117/69 25 33 33
Mobil : 467 44 422