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About Verket school

Verket school is a 1-10 school, geographically located in the northern part of town, yet not more than one km from the city center. This school year we have about 590 students and about 70 employees. Our pupils come from a diverse intake area, and about 22% of our students have a foreign language background, with about 25 different nationalities represented. We look at our school as a small mini- UN, with unique opportunities to create a human vision for all our students, and experience daily that the school appears as a unit of great cultural diversity.

The school is divided into three zones. Far south is the 1st- 4th step. We basically have two parallels on all of these steps, but first class have been divided into three groups. The classrooms at the lower primary school have traditional classrooms, but have a very open solution towards the common areas. These common areas are in constant use for both community gatherings, smaller groups and for conversations around the seating groups that are located around the premises.

The middle stage, 5th- 7th graders, has large airy rooms in the center of the building. The classrooms have large sliding glass doors, so here is also a very open practice between the teachers. The various steps have a very close cooperation.

The secondary school, 8th- 10th graders, has the premises to the north. The 8th class is on the second floor, while the 9th and 10th grades have the top floor. Here we have three parallels in each year group, but the classes are assembled in completely different ways for many of the hours. Therefore, in the secondary school, it does not matter if you are in the a, b, or c- class; it is the step as a whole that the pupils relate to. In addition to the pupils from their own school, the secondary school receives students from the nearby Krapfoss School.

Verket school has a staff of teachers and assistants of both sexes and all ages. We have more women than men, and most of the men are engaged in the secondary school, but we proud to say that the number of male teachers in the elemenray school is growing. We are very well updated in accordance with the authorities' formal competence requirements in teaching subjects and we have a very strong group of employees with special educational tasks. The staff is divided into teams according to where they teach or what they teach, and they are headed by department leaders with different responsibilities. The principal has total responsibility for the entire school's field of responsibility.

The building
The school was opened in 1998. At that time it was a pure elementary school, but from 2004 the school was gradually expanded with a secondary stage. The school must therefore be said to be relatively new and our premises have a good standard. The school has a large and exciting school yard, with its own mountain! The elementary school has a separate part of the school space, which has been upgraded lately. The middle step moves all over, something that the secondary stage can do, too. We see that the secondary stage largely prefers indoor activities where both chess and ball games in the gym are popular. The secondary stage also has access to the school's canteen, where you can buy simple lunch dishes. The school has two gyms, a growing library, and two indoor amphitheaters. One is used for gatherings meetings, concerts and theater performances, the other is for the minor school for different gatherings.

Verket school offers, like all public schools in Moss, free breakfast for all pupils. This offer is used every day by about 30 pupils. Moss municipality and Verket school focus on a proper diet, as reflected in this lunch offer. The same thoughts form the basis of what is made in the subject home economics, where students in the 6th and 10th grades receive comprehensive education in the context of good health and healthy diet.

Priority areas
The work at Verket school always rests on four pillars, priority areas. Two of the pillars will never change: We will always focus on the core subjects Norwegian, English or mathmatics. Currently, it is reading skills and Norwegian that will have a special focus. Furthermore, we always have adapted teaching, TPO, as a clear area of ​​focus.

We will never be able to stop focusing on the theoretical subjects, while those of our students who have skills and talent in practical subjects will also find that they has value at school. Therefore, each of the practical subjects will be given a special focus on bulges in two years .For the next two years, music will have our focus.

The last pillar of the school's priorities is based on international work. We live in a world that is getting smaller, with the help of what we all now consider as common aids. We want our students to consider it natural to be internationally oriented, both when it comes to being informed of international matters, but just as much to see their role and responsibility from their privileged corner of a global everyday life. The school is therefore the sponsor of an orphanage in Bolivia, a place where children grow up under entirely different conditions than our own pupils. We also seek to participate in an Erasmus + project at all times, and for two years we will be part of  language oriented project with four other countries. In addition we collaborate with foreign schools on the etwinning platform, where our students communicate with students in other countries through both traditional channels and other digital platforms.

After school care
Verket school offers after school care, ASC, for our pupils from 1-4 grades, as well as for pupils with additional needs in the other grades. Currently, we have about 110 children in the after school care. The ASC opens at 7:00 in the morning, has closed during the teaching hours, but opens in the afternoon until 16:30. ASC has a high activity level, with 12 dedicated employees. Extensive use is made of our outdoor areas, while it is always possible for the children to step back to a calm hook inside. ASC is headed by the head of department for the secondary school and ASC, and also has its own contact person in the ASC staff.

The right to a healthy school enviroment
The pupil’s individual right to a healthy school enviroment is strongly emphasized in the Norwegian school system. Click here to find more information on this in different languages. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find “your” Language.